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  1. Are the products anti-aging?Will I look the way I did when I was 25?
  2. How long before I see any results?
  3. Do isaku products suit everyone?
  4. What do isaku products smell like? 
  5. I think isaku products are expensive. Why is it so?
  6. What is the right age to start using products to retard signs of aging?



Are the products anti-aging? Will I look the way I did when I was 25?

We prefer to call our products pro-aging. We believe aging is not something negative that we must fight against. Aging is inevitable as long as we are alive and every additional year we get to live should be celebrated. So, no. Our products are not anti-aging. They are a celebration of age that is timeless.

No, you won’t look 25 years old. Anyone who tells you that they will make you look 25 is not telling you the truth. And you know it!

What we promise is that you will have the best possible skin at your age. Skin that shows minimal pesky signs like lines, wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, and pigmentation. We promise you healthy, bouncy and radiant skin, no matter what your age.


How long before I see any results?

You will start feeling the difference from the 1st application itself as you will realize that you need to use about ½ to 2/3rd of the usual amount of product you use.

By 1-3 months of application, you will start to visible differences and people will start commenting on your better appearance.

By 6 months, there will be no doubt at all that isaku products are something special that you need in your life.


Do isaku products suit everyone?

Our products are brought to the market only when we receive more than 95% overwhelmingly positive feedback from woman of all skin types, including those with highly sensitive skin. But everyone’s skin is different and there is no single brand that suits every woman.

Most users of our products see benefits within 2-3 weeks. However, most dermatologists agree that it usually takes about 3-6 months to see the benefits of using a skin care product. This is especially true of pro-aging (anti-aging) products.

Hence, we suggest that you try our products for at least 3 months before deciding that the products are not for you.


What do isaku products smell like?

If you are used to the normal, heavily perfumed skin care products that are commonly available, you might find the smell a little different.

All skincare products (including ayurvedic, herbal etc.) that smell almost like perfumes are heavily perfumed with fragrance and/or essential oils. Almost all fragrance contain phthalate that is a known allergen and is also thought to be responsible for a host of diseases.

Essential oils, on the other hand, though natural, promote irritation, dryness, sensitivities, allergic reactions and inflammation. (A lot of skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea can be worsened or even triggered by long-term use of skincare that contains phthalates and essential oils).

isaku has been formulated using the best plant extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants to give you the best result for your skin while ensuring that our products do not exacerbate existing skin conditions or create new problems in the long run.

However, natural ingredients have their own scent, and sometimes, the products that are made of natural ingredients can smell quite bad. To ensure that our products do not end up smelling terrible and you still get the best results, we use a very mild, non-toxic and phthalate free fragrance which is completely safe for you to use in the long term.


I think isaku products are expensive. Why is it so?

Due to our commitment to creating high-performance, world-beating, Indian products, we source the best ingredients from all over the world. In addition, we don’t indulge in the practice of angel dusting (angel-dusting means including a negligible amount of an ingredient just to be able to put it on the label).

When we include any ingredient in our product, it is because we know there is scientific evidence of its efficacy and we make sure the concentration is high enough to make a difference in your skin.

For example, Vitamin C is a very common ingredient found in many skin care lines. What you may not know is that the quality of Vitamin C can vary drastically. Cost of Vitamin C starts from as low as Rs. 3000/kg.

However, the cost of our Vitamin C is Rs. 55000/kg.

Since our ingredients are world-class and are really effective, isaku products provide you with real value for money, something that will be reflected in the quality and health of your skin in the long run.


What is the right age to start using products to retard signs of aging?

The process of aging starts around your mid-20s. Using products that are specifically formulated for these concerns can delay this process. Hence, we suggest that you start using our products once you are 25+ years of age.