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Meet isaku

Meet isaku

isaku means Beauty Maker in Japanese.

When we started thinking of a name for our skincare products, we knew that we wanted a name that sounded beautiful when spoken, looked beautiful when written and meant something beautiful. A name that is simple, lyrical, melodious and soothing.


Based on these criteria, we shortlisted 32 words that we thought could be the name of our brand. We looked for different words signifying Beauty, Beautiful and words related to Beauty in all languages in the world because nature has no boundaries, and, we thought, neither should our name.


After a lot of thought, the list of names was whittled down to 5 words that we could use. We kept saying those 5 words aloud again and again (I am sure we sounded like a broken record) until we realized that isaku is the word that we loved the most.


When we did more research into the name, we found that isaku is also said to mean, ‘A very spiritual person who often relies on intuition for decision making’. Which is also a good thing because nature, spirituality, and intuition are all pathways to a Higher Power.


...and so  was born!

  • The background white of our logo signifies purity, innocence, wholeness, and goodness.

  • The gold stands for luxury, sophistication, passion, magic, and wisdom.

  • The orchid on the top of the logo, in shades ranging from purple to the lightest pink, signifies love, agelessness, beauty, elegance, symmetry, and strength. 


    Why Don't We Call Ourselves an Anti-Aging Brand even though our Products are formulated for 30+ Skin?


    Being a woman is no easy job. We understand and empathize with the journey you have been through to reach where you are today, the shackles the Indian society puts on women who want to be independent and achieve their goals.

    And when a woman reaches a stage in her life where she can justifiably feel pride in her achievements, she is bombarded with anti-aging messages and made to feel self-conscious about her age and even discriminated against.

    These anti-aging messages only celebrate youth and belittle all the struggles, hard work, achievements and wisdom that come with age. Instead of celebrating the gifts that age brings us, women are made to feel bad about their age and to doubt their worth.

    But no more! Since we believe that we must be the change we want to see, we want to do away with the negative anti-aging obsession that makes a woman feel worthless because she may have a few wrinkles or grey hair. Instead, we believe that being able to age is glorious and is a Gift that we must celebrate every day.

    While your skin may show some wear and tear, we have specifically formulated products for these skin concerns so YOU can celebrate being yourself, while we take care of your skin.

    So, go forth and celebrate your beauty, your worth, your age. Feel like the radiant, strong being that you are. Because Real Beauty is Timeless.