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Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos

We want to empower every woman to be not just comfortable but to celebrate her age by formulating high-performance, natural and effective products that take care of all her skin concerns.

isaku was born to address the lack of effective, quality natural skin care products. Though there are a plethora of products available in the market, most of them do not contain enough active ingredients to actually make a difference and/or they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives which may be harmful to our health or the environment.

To this end, each isaku product has been formulated with the best possible vitamins, bioactive and plant extracts in the right concentration to actually make a difference to the well-being of every woman.

We are conscious that the Earth is under tremendous pressure from unchecked and unsustainable development and we aim to forge a respectable and sustainable relationship with the environment and the earth we live in.

To this end, we use organic and free trade ingredients wherever possible. To make a positive contribution to the environment, we have consciously chosen to use glass jars and environment-friendly tubes and packaging for our products.